Medical Services

Preventative Health Care Plans
Vaccination, diet, exercise, grooming, flea/tick prevention, heart-worm prevention, intestinal deworming, etc. 

Laboratory services (In-house and External) – serum biochemistry (kidney, liver testing, etc), hematology, urinalysis, heartworm testing, intestinal parasite testing, fungal culture, histopathology, bacterial culture & antibiotic sensitivity tests, etc.

Digital Radiology Services
Plain & Contrast radiography (Xray)
Medical ultrasonography (Ultrasound)
Video Otoscopy procedures

Cremation Services
Please contact us for more details

Heska Allergy Test
Please visit this page or contact us for more details

Dental Care
Professional dental cleaning and polishing, Tooth extractions & Minor oral surgery, *Bite Evaluation, *Height Reductions, *Advanced Periodontics, *Vital Pulpotomy, *Exotic Pet Dentistry, *Dental Radiography

Ophthalmology Referrals
Eye Examination, *Tonometry, *Cilia Removal, *Cherry Eye Repair, *Entropion/Extropion Repair, *Conjunctival Pedicle Graft, *Luxated Lens Removal, *Intrascleral Prosthesis (ISP), *Medial Canthal Closures, *Phacoemulsifation, Third Eyelid Flap, Enucleation, Eyelid Tum or Removal


All listed services listed above are offered at our two outlets, Mount Pleasant (Clementi) & Mount Pleasant (Bedok).
*Specialised Procedures. Please contact the clinic directly for assistance.