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Mount Pleasant Allergy Laboratory Services

Mount Pleasant Allergy Laboratory Services is a Heska certified partner laboratory to conduct the Heska’s ALLERCEPT® test. 
The ALLERCEPT® test is an in vitro test to detect specific IgE when a atopic dermatitis is suspected. The allergen panel composition is clinically relevant for the South-East Asia region.

  • Holds over 600 issued and pending patents worldwide, with about 400 covering their unique allergy/immunology technology.
  • At least eight human pharmaceutical companies have licensed Heska’s technology to improve human allergy products.
  • Heska’s scientists have published scientific papers in respected peer-reviewed journals and presented papers at national and international scientific conferences.
  • ALLERCEPT® panels are extremely sensitive and can detect less than 10 picograms of allergen- specific IgE in canine serum without compromising specificity.
  • Is validated for dogs, cats and horses.
  • Uses a superior and proprietary detection reagent for measuring IgE.
  • Is a patented process using high-affinity IgE receptor to measure allergen-specific IgE in the serum of animals.


ALLERCEPT® E-Screen Test

 ALLERCEPT® E-Screen is the 2nd generation (ES-2G) test trademarked by Heska Corporation. This patented technology detects the presence of allergen-specific IgE, an antibody associated with allergic disease. It is a rapid and highly accurate screening test that indicates if a definitive IgE test (ALLERCEPT®) is needed at this point in time. 

What is E-Screening?

E-screening is an allergen-specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) blood test that is designed to screen dogs with allergic symptoms. It detects the presence of allergen-specific IgE to determine if dogs are allergic to the environment like House Dust Mites, Grasses & Weeds or Trees. This test is suitable for dogs, cats and horses. 

Dogs tested positive for allergen-specific IgE may be further evaluated using Heska's Allercept Definitive Allergen Asian Panel (ALLERCEPT® 24-Allergen Serum IgE Test) to determine the specific allergens to which the dog is reacting to.

Why E-Screen?

ALLERCEPT® E-Screen Test pre-screens dogs for allergens through a general test of IgE levels before the ALLERCEPT® Panel tests for specific allergens that trigger the allergic response. E-Screen is a highly accurate test that provides a rapid and inexpensive allergy assessment toll to detect IgE antibodies specific for allergens.



Many animals suffer from allergies, yet only a small fraction are properly diagnosed, tested and treated. While working with allergic pets may seem daunting, with a systematic approach and advances in allergy technology, you can manage allergic diseases in your pet.

ALLERCEPT® program technology can detect as little as 10 picogram of allergen-specfic IgE and can be used alone or in conjunction with conventional intradermal skin testing to accurately identify the source or sources of an allergic reaction. Unlike many other serum IgE test that can mis-identify offending allergens based on the false-positve detection of allergen-specific IgG, ALLERCEPT® uses high-affinity IgE receptor assures that false positives resulting from IgG detection do not occur. 

What is ALLERCEPT® Serum IgE In Vitro Test? 

ALLERCEPT® Serum IgE Test is used to identify the specific allergen(s) to which your pet is allergic to. It tests for a total of 24 allergens, including specific species of house dust mites, fleas, mould spores, grass pollens, weed pollens and tree pollens. The 24 allergens are also known as the Asian Panel, which tests for environmental allergens that are most commonly found in Asia countries. 

Your pet may be exposed to these allergens in the environment, and thus may be allergic to them. Heska ALLERCEPT® Test helps to determine exactly what your pet is allergic to and that will allow a more effective treatment.


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